The Aftermath Of The Afterlife

The world you’re living in right now will change for you as soon as your soul is sucked out of your body or dragged out of your body or softly tugged from your body (you have your options)You’ve been living your life by avoiding your flaws, later realizing that you may run into them so you accept them and then you deal with them for the sake of attaining perfection but perfection can’t be achieved even through practice so, you go with it. You want to be the perfect daughter/best friend/sibling/idol. You wake up everyday and you live. You laugh through your happy days, your heart filled with gratitude and all you want is to be with your Mum, Dad, siblings , friends and other people who make you happy. And ,you go through your unhappy days and you deal with them.You live through your days. You get that medical degree you’ve wanted, you’ve got the perfect job and your parents are proud. Blissfulness is what you would be feeling in 20 years from now. No, people around you might be happy but you would never be satisfied because you’ll notice things that they won’t. You still wanted to become this or that. You look back at your life 10 years ago and you think, “I was brilliantly promising” and now, you feel like you’ve achieved everything yet nothing. But that doesn’t make you wish for your death. Nobody wants that, unless you’re in misery. If you are suffering, you’d want death to arrive at your door, you’d be craving for it like a junkie needs his stuff even though he’s been acting really chilled but something has been clawing at his insides for all this time and you NEED this to be over. Whatever may your reasons be, death will come only when it has to. But it arrives. You’re partying at your place with your friends and you see a shadow. You’re with your best friend in your room and both of you are listening to her favorite song, you look all around to see your walls covered with memories, with photos you took with your family, your admirable collections of articles and books, but you see the shadow, you don’t want this to be over.Your head is lying on your Mother’s lap while she’s telling you about how you always laughed at a silly song and how that made her feel the luckiest mother in the world but yet again, you see the shadow. You’re lulling your sister to sleep and before dozing off the last thing she told you was an I love you but you see the shadow . You want it to walk towards you but it walks towards them. You want yourself to be next but you’re not. You can see their souls being tugged at, pulled apart from their bodies. Their life leaving the room in which both of you had heartily laughed. But now, they hover above their bodies and you cry silently.Each one of them were a part of your very own soul, your very own existence and they all left. Your soul removed by no hands. It just left. You’re an anomaly and you don’t freak out anymore because you’re soulless. You are left all alone. No more sad days but no more happy ones. No more fights but no more surprises. They’re gone. This is the aftermath of afterlife, the only difference being that you get to suffer the aftermath while they leave for a better place. The same world, a different perspective.


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